The Power of TWO

The Dupe Store has joined with DVD Copycat to Bring You the Best in CD, DVD and Blu-Ray Production

The Dupe Store is now proudly part of DVD Copycat, a premier online provider of customized CD, DVD and Blu-Ray duplication and packaging.

What does this mean for The Dupe Store customers?
Dupe Store and DVD Copycat have already been working together for several years. By combining, you'll now benefit from our easy to use online service, our large selection of CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and packaging options, super competitive pricing and professional quality. And, we offer a set of custom merchandise products items to support your organization's branding and promotional needs. If you've already set up an online account and ordered online with Dupe Store before, your customer account will now be accessible at

About DVD Copycat
Launched in 2002 in San Francisco, the objective of DVD Copycat is to delight customers every time. We are committed to delivering premium quality products, providing friendly customer service and meeting every deadline, to ensure you have peace of mind when producing your custom CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and disc packaging projects with us. We leverage technology and software across the company, to make ordering easy and to communicate with you on a timely basis through the production and shipping process. We believe we offer the best value in the industry with great prices, great quality, fast production and easy to use, 24/7 online ordering and tracking.

Our Customized Media Production Services